New single out now!

Experience the unexpected journey of our latest creation! Originally planned for a studio recording with a dedicated film crew, fate had other ideas. Instead, we found ourselves embracing the raw energy of our underground atomic shelter rehearsal space, where our true essence thrives. Against all odds and under the pressure of time, this is where our band truly shines.

In just two hours, we captured the essence of the entire track right in our rehearsal room (and the rest of the album, vocals excluded). Our video, crafted with the spirit of Ed Wood himself, was a whirlwind 30-minute adventure. Without our friend and producer, Alaska Winter, by our side, we took full control of the production process, resulting in a unique and genuine expression of our art.

The song itself invites you into a world of head-nodding rhythms, while subtly acknowledging the dedicated hobby concert photographers and videographers who often find themselves absorbed in their craft, missing the essence of the very events they document. It’s a phenomenon we can all relate to, whether it’s witnessing a solar eclipse or getting caught up in the whirlwind of a child’s birthday celebration.

Join us on this captivating musical journey and discover the true essence of our band as we embrace the unexpected, creating magic in the most unlikely places.

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